Emigration came relatively late for the Sargisons. Robert Sargison (1765-1863) and Rebecca Pinder (1773-1815) had a son Samuel Sargison (1808-1891). He and his wife Elizabeth Bacon started the movement which was primarily to New Zealand.



Samuel Sargison (1808-1891)


Elizabeth Bacon (1815-86)

Elizabeth was transported in August 1832 to Tasmania for a 7 year term.

Samuel arrived in Hobart, Tasmania, aboard the Blake on 29 Dec 1839.  They married 3 months later.

The had 6 children beginning a Tasmanian dynasty.

Elizabeth Warner (1832-1905) niece of the above.

Captain Thomas Teed (1815-1892) (his mother was Mary Ann Sargison (1793-1828)They arrived in North America in 1856, settling initially in Chicago, Illinois.6 Children with three having Sargison in their names.
Harry Sargison(1865-1945)Married Myrtle Bonebrake in Newton, Indiana, USA in 1897Arrived in USA 1892 (according to census but 3 different dates)3 children
Amos William Sargison (1887-1906) Unverified 

Alexander T Sargison (1836-1912)

Another nephew of Samuel’s.

Ellen Sophia Parsons was born in Burchecear, Hampshire England in 1838.Alexander moved to Victoria, Australia where he married in 1862. They moved to Charleston, Buller, West Coast NZ before 1875.They had three children. Charles bron in Victoria and Alexander Samuel and Ellen Maria on the Coast.
New Zealand   
Henry Griffen Sargison (1856-1951)Two brothers emigrated together.  Each married in NZ to other emigrants.Arrived aboard the Wellington in Port Chalmers in Feb 1875.9 children from 2 of three wives. Susan born in Cambridgeshire to Mary Horn who must have gone back briefly.
William George  Sargison (1852-1895)as aboveas above7 children
Agness Sargison (1864-1944) sister of the aboveMarried in NZ to Jacob Eyers(1863-1895) and later to Joseph Love (1854-1931Arrived in Invercargill 1884 aboard the Ruapehu.3 children.

Agnes Louisa Sargison (1820-1926)

niece of Henry Griffen above

Married to Herbert A Jelly (1994-1953)

Arrival unknown but likely around 1920.  Died in Port Chalmers, Dunedin

Alice Maria Sargison (1881-1944) sister of aboveMarried James Don (1875-1957) in New Zealand 1918Arrival currently unknown.